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There’s something so satisfying about making something from nothing. Sure, a store bought loaf of bread is a wonderful convenience, but nothing from a store can compare to the feeling of satisfaction that overcomes you after kneading a slab of dough to perfection. Kneading your dough not only helps develop the gluten to the right consistency, but somehow, taking the time to mold a batter into something special helps connect us with the food we’re making. It gives a chance to think, relax, build a little muscle and pound out some of the day’s frustrations.


But as much as I love making bread, the hassle of sticky fingers and a flour soaked kitchen is enough to discourage me from partaking in one of my favorite hobbies!


That was until my friend told gave me an amazing new kitchen gadget that helped me respark my passion for baking. If you haven’t heard of Silicone Baking Mats, they’re one of the most popular pieces of bakeware on the market. It seems like everyone has one these days. I’d seen them all over the food network and industrial kitchens, but I never got around to purchasing one. I’m an old fashioned gal and I prefer things the old fashioned way.


It’s known for making baking ‘easier’ by enhancing the quality of anything you bake on it (something about even heat distribution in the Silicone) but I’ve never needed help in that department so my interest wasn’t necessarily peaked. My sister bought a set with my Amazon account (I had a gift card) and let me keep one of the Nonstick Mats.

I hadn’t even gotten around to using it when I got a call from the Baking Mat company asking what kind of recipes I enjoy. They wanted to send me recipes based on my interest (NEVER seen a company do that before). After I told them how much I loved making bread, they told me the Silicone Baking Mat wasn’t just for Baking. It can be used to make the process of kneading much more simple and far less messy. They sent me some recipes and I tried them out…


The first one I tried was just a simple pasta dough. As a woman with years of experience, I can honestly say the experience of kneading on a Nonstick Baking Mat is the easiest and best I’ve ever had. I didn’t have to put any flour on the Silicone Sheet and the sticky dough never stuck to the mat. Not even once. When I pulled the dough up, it came off with ease, saving my arms from the extra effort. It was by far the best experience I’ve ever had kneading dough. The smoothness of the nonstick surface allowed the dough to just glide across and mix with ease. It was fantastic, my arms weren’t even sore the next day (I usually bruise like a peach). The best part was that neither my kitchen, nor I, were covered in flour by the time I was finished.


Ever since I got this thing, I’ve been making bread 2 to 3 days a week. Now when I think about working with dough, I don’t picture a messy kitchen with sticky hands and flour everywhere. Instead, I look forward to all the best parts that I’ve always loved!

The Highest Quality Nonstick Baking Mat on the market is by Baking Buddy. The quality is phenomenal, you can read all about in the verified reviews on their Amazon Listing. Not only do they have exceptional quality, but they are the first and only baking mat to make use out of all the empty space on the surface. There’s measurements (which really come in handy) and  metric conversions for volume, weight and temperature that have saved me from having to make numerous google searches in the middle of a recipe. You can see pictures of their Silicone Mat’s new design in action right here!
If you ever feel discouraged from making dough from scratch, this awesome baking tool will remove the intimidation and inspire you to take pride in homemade cooking once again!


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